Estonian AirClub (Eesti Lennuklubi) - is the first skydiving club established in Estonia. It is a club with experienced instructors and long traditions. Presently, Estonian Air Club is the only skydiving club in Estonia, which provides all variants of training activities for skydivers: tandem jumps, round parachute jumps, Static Line and AFF.

Estonian Air Club - is a professional team of athletes and trainers. Our priorities are: individual approach, safety, achievement of goals.
Our instructors speak many languages, including English.
Jump location: Rapla airfield
Plane: Antonov-2 (max. 3000 m)

We provide following services for skydivers:
- Laying shed
- Packer’s services
- Rigger’s services
- Gear rent (students chutes, and faster)
- An opportunity to take a shower and sleep

Experienced skydivers should have:
- Parachute license
- Logbook
- Parachute documents
- Reserve chute must be last packed no more than 6 months prior to jumps

Jump ticket - 20 euro
Parachute rent - 10 euro

Tandem jump with video 250 euro
Tandem jump without video 200 euro

Jump with a round parachute - 77 euro.
Static-Line jump - 167 euro
AFF Course (8 jumps) - 1070 euro

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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